How to Get Around

"In the center of Bologna not even a child can get lost" sang Lucio Dalla, mythical singer-songwriter from Bologna, in his famous song "Disperato Erotico Stomp".

The truth does not stray far from the verse mentioned above. The historic center of Bologna is relatively small, it is possible to walk through the city from door to door in just 40 minutes. The throbbing heart of city life unravels between Piazza Maggiore, Piazza Santo Stefano, and Via Zamboni, in addition to the T formed by Via Indipendenza, Via Rizzoli and Via Ugo Bassi which on weekends become  pedestrian; all within a radius of a few kilometers.

In addition to the possibility of moving on foot very easily, Bologna offers various means of transport:


Ideal for getting from the station and the airport to the city center. Radio Taxi Cotabo can be called at the numbers and

You can also download for free the smartphone application with which you can book and manage taxi rides in a simple and effective way.


To access this convenient bicycle sharing service, just download the Mobike mobile app (Link below) and after checking your account with your mobile number, you can rent a bike for 1 euro every half hour. Bicycles are scattered throughout the city. To find them you can open the map of the app. Before starting the ride, the QR code will have to be scanned so that the padlock will unlock, at which point you can use the vehicle as you wish. Once you have finished using the bike, just leave it in a parking area suitable for bicycles.

Mobike is the ideal way to visit the city quickly, in fact it allows tourists to quickly explore and enjoy Bologna without having to pay for a taxi or a bus which do not allow a good view of the outside and are pricier.

San Luca Express

The San Luca Express is the ideal way to get from the city center to the Sanctuary of San Luca. This train on wheels allows you to visit part of the city quickly and easily.

The train leaves Piazza Maggiore at any time between 9.45 am and 4 pm, on weekends and public holidays until 5.25 pm. The whole tour takes just over an hour including ascent and descent back to Piazza Maggiore, skirting the entire famous portico from Meloncello to the basilica, all supported by an audio guide in 7 languages ​​at a price of 10€ per person. There are reductions for children up to 10 years.

City Red Bus

The City Red Bus is an open-top bus that takes tourists to visit the center and the hills of Bologna. Starting from Piazza Maggiore at all hours from 10.45 am to 4.15 pm, except for a hole at 3.00 pm, this bus takes tourists to see a large part of the city quickly and comfortably passing by, among others, the " Giardini Margherita", San Michele in Bosco, the museum of modern art MAMbo and the Central Station, thus allowing also a last minute tour before departure.

The ticket price is € 15 and includes reductions for children up to 10 years.


This car sharing service provides a total of 100 Fiat 500s scattered throughout the city and allows, in addition to faster journeys and free ZTL access, a ride on the splendid hills of Bologna.

You only need to be 18 years old and have a driving license for at least a year, even from abroad, to be able to register online  by entering your ID, driving license, social security number (if you have one), and credit card.

There is a registration fee of € 10, of which € 5 goes to new members as a voucher to be used within 30 days.

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